Mammel Hands - Boreal Forest

In the category: be-au-ti-ful. I humbly suggest listening to this tune. Here’s what you do. So. Get yourself a cup of herb tea right. Maybe a little blanket. Install yourself cross legged (or however legged you see fit) on a comfy couch. Press play. And let these dudes take you down the road of perfect autumn. Imagery and sound combo is peach perfect. Enjoy.

Ps. You’ll forget to drink your tea while watching. No worries. Lovely warm hands though innit!

Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals

This shit is profound man. I mean, I already loved his recorded stuff but sure enough they rock out in an acoustic setting just as much. Armed with a big smile and funky textures, and rhymes for days. So excited to see music like this on the rise. Cool beans cool beans.